Great Gatsby!

Image Courtesy of Google

Image Courtesy of Google

It seems that every where you turn someone is talking about, looking for, or selling Gatsby, or things “inspired” by the roaring ’20s. Crazy to think that style from nearly 100 years ago can manage to look fresh and new for today. Dashing dolls everywhere are trying to work the looks from the book/ film The Great Gatsby into  everyday life including myself . Today I show you little things you can add to your wardrobe or drastic things you can do to get the look every lass wants this summer!

courtesy of Google

courtesy of Google

1. Beaded Headbands- Daisy Buchanan is all about the sparkly head band, and who can blame her! Girl looks fab and even Leo Gatsby wants a piece of that. Now, for the film Tiffany lent a lot of their vintage pieces to the production, but you can get the look for around ten bucks at your local Charming Charlies store! You can also get the look by tying a thin scarf around your head and styling hair under it. I am loving this look for a night out on the town! Be careful not to look too costume-y by keeping make-up simply and the rest of your look in this century.

2. Throw on the Jewels! The 20’s was all about overstated glamour so get yourself some long strands of pearls, gaudy pendants, sparkly bangles and huge cocktail rings and rock it all at once! I love digging through my mother’s jewelry box for things like this but if I am in the mood to buy  have the moolah, I always hit up Charlotte Russe. Jewelry is currently on sale 2 for 10 bucks, that’s right any 2 pieces of jewelry in story will only cost you ten dollars!

3. Get a Bob! A symbol of women’s lib in 1920 was cutting hair into a bob like style and bobs are all the rage once again in Hollywood.

Loving G's Bob!

Loving G’s Bob!

Check out Giuliana Rancic and Julianne Hough rocking the Daisy cut today! The weather’s hot- so why not! However if you’re like me and cannot part with your long locks, check out this video on how to style your hair into a fake bob! This look is perfect for drinks with the girls,but you’re boyfriend might be a little confused by this one.

4. Go Goth, but not really. saying the make-up of 1920 was over-done would probably be an understatement, Ladies layered on the black liner and red lipstick like there was to tomorrow- now if you have the guts go all out- but personally I would suggest keeping the look modern with silvery gray shadow and a red lip gloss paired with a golden glow- not the pale skin that was in. Keep hair simple and you have a look that is modern but fabulous enough for even Gatsby to notice!

5. Check out this super cute clutch! If everything listed above is still too drastic for you check out this super cute Great Gatsby Clutch by Kate Spade!

courtesy of Kate Spade

courtesy of Kate Spade

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